Panoramic images with Hugin

I used to stitch my panorama’s using Canon’s PhotoStitcher, which came bundled with my camera, and being only so-so pleased. But the other night I discovered Hugin, an open source panorama stitcher that seems to do a much better job.

Here are some nice results from my last trip:

I also re-did some older ones, including my 360° Empire State building one:

Comparing these Hugin results with my previous panorama’s, both stitching and overall image quality have been hugely improved. The Empire State one still has some rather bad stitches though, but that’s probably because I was still using my Canon 18-55mm kit lens at the time, and set it to its extreme end of 18mm which results in some pretty bad distortions. I’ve learned to use an intermediate zoom settings since, which greatly improves results.

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